Learning How to Draw: Yes, There is a Secret

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I long taught people how to draw.

Didn't start out that way though.

I had spent most of my life wanting to be an artist, and even got trained as a decorative arts specialist, but I found myself limited in my new profession because, well…um...I couldn’t draw.

It wasn’t for not trying.  I took loads of courses, read bags of books, spent my weekends copying art in museums, but it was hard, slow, painful, discouraging and not much fun.  In the end I got there, but it took me about ten years.

That was when people gradually started asking me to teach them how todraw.  Amazing!  I decided I had to find a way to spare my students what I went through, though – especially as I started to see how important drawing was to opening up creativity and personal growth.

The Secret to Learning How to Draw

I had some important, long-forgotten clues from Renaissance artists writing about how drawing should happen - in fact, for me the absolute key came from a 15th century document that was famous in its time, but that no one has ever heard of today.

Undertaking Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain instructor training was a next important step, as it taught me the underlying neuroscience making this special learning possible.

Between those two things I put together a training that I discovered made it possible for anyone – no matter how “untalented”, no matter how “beginner” – to learn to see in the special way an artist does, and to begin to draw realistically in only five days. No exceptions!  It was a big shock for me at first to see "beginners" drawing at a level I put years into achieving.

If this seems hard to believe, take a look at my students’ before/after drawings.  They come looking to learn about art, and go home artists.

Once you can see the way an artist does, it is then only a matter of learning the technical part of drawing that makes up most drawing classes and that you will find as well in the many pages of free exercises and information on this website – the difference being, that with your special “artist sight” you will enjoy it and make progress.

Deborah Mends, "Japanese Still Life"

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