Artist Sight
Abu Dhabi
1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 November

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Learn to Draw in Only 5 Days

Thank you for your interest in "Artist Sight".

As a result of these intense five days, you will learn the basic skills necessary to creating a realistic drawing. 

You will also acquire real confidence in your artistic ability.  You will learn that, no matter how "untalented" you think you are, that in fact everyone can learn to draw.

We will then develop your technical skills through work on different subjects and in different exercises (negative and positive space, the rules of perspective, light and shadow, etc.) to draw the learnings together in the final project:  your self-portrait. 

But learning to draw is about more than great drawings.  It will help you discover the fullness of your creativity, and give you the artist's vision.  You will see beauty where you never noticed it before.

Five days, maximum 10 persons. 

  • Kit with all materials and art supplies provided.
  • Lunch is not included.
  • From 9am to 6pm, with two coffee breaks.
  • Price: normally AED 3700; AED 3300 for Abu Dhabi Book Fair attendees
  • Payment by PayPal or credit card; please note that PayPal shows the amount in Euros.

1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 November 2014, Abu Dhabi, the British Club near Al Mina.


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