Les bases du dessin

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Avant de réellement pouvoir commencer le dessin artistique, vous devez commencer avec les bases. Et c'est pourquoi cette page existe, pour vous permettre de bien vous lancer.

Good Habits from the Start

- why artists stand at their easels;
- what gestures to use as you work;
- how to position the easel if you stand;
- how to position yourself if sitting...

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Drawing Area Set-Up

- why you need your own space;
- what equipment you need;
- how to use easels and boards;
- your shopping list...

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About Drawing Grids

- why grids make us uneasy;
- famous artists who used them;
- Leon Battista Alberti and windows;
- what's a picture plane?...

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Grid Drawing Methods

- when are drawing grids useful;
- what is "aspect ratio";
- using grids to transfer an image in the same size and aspect ratio...

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Artist Supplies for Drawing

- an intro to charcoal and pencil drawing materials and what to buy;
- the difference between charcoal and pencil...

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Pencil Drawing Supplies

- what pencil leads are made of;
- American and European systems for pencil hardness and softness;
- when to use harder or softer pencils...

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Charcoal Drawing Supplies

- the two types of charcoal materials;
- how vine is made and how to use it;
- about "mixed" charcoals and using them...

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other drawing supplies and equipment

- cutters and how to sharpen pencils;
- pads, paper and sketchbooks;
- erasers (electrical, pencil, kneaded);
- chamois and how they are used...

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