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These are not just little tips and techniques, but a full course of learning how to see, think, and draw like an artist.

Artistic confidence is not innate for many of us.  As children we fearlessly and joyously draw everywhere and on anything, and take the greatest pride in our brilliant, colorful drawings and paintings.

Then something happens.  As we approach age ten or so, we start to develop a more critical eye about especially the way our drawings don't quite match the way our subjects look.  If we don't do this ourselves, there is often a parent, teacher or older sibling there to point this out to us, kindly...or sometimes not quite so kindly.

It is not an exaggeration to call this a traumatizing event.  I know, because many of my students relate just such a childhood incident remembered literally their entire lives long.  The memory endures because they have been wounded vitally.  After experiencing childhood "proof" of their failure as an artist, as adults they are often reject their creativity altogether. 

I have met many people in this situation, convinced that drawing - and creativity - is only for the "talented".  It is not.  Everyone can draw, and it is only a question of being shown how.

The Artistic Confidence workshop is based on the same principles as the Artist Sight course.  However, in its limited time frame it seeks to teach only the first two of the five cognitive skills required to be able to draw realistically. 

This is sufficient for participants to begin to see in the special way that artists do.  It is also sufficient for them to produce a polished drawing that will prove irrefutably that they are fully capable of sophisticated realistic drawing.

As in the Artist Sight course, instruction consist of two things:  my instruction and demonstrations, and then participants applying what they have seen and heard. 

When the drawing is done, we look together at our work to discuss what we have learned. 

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