Comment dessiner les pousses de fleurs

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We want to know how to draw flower blossoms, but botanists have a dizzying number of ways to categorize flowers, I have discovered in researching this page.  But we are artists, not scientists, and we don’t need all that.  So I bravely waded into the terminology up to my neck to determine the strict minimum for our needs. 

What I have understood is that overall, the typical flower has four sections, or “whorls”:  the sepals, the petals, the stamens and the pistil, with one or more carpels.  All the confusion comes from trying to make a complete inventory of all the variations on the theme of this typical four-whorl flower.

For us, seeking to know how to draw flower blossoms, we are actually interested mostly in the showy part of the flower, the petal arrangement, called the corolla.  In this regard, I suggest we take a look at just whether flowers are “regular” or “irregular”.  To determine which is which, you have to take a bird’s eye view of the flower.

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