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Deborah Mends

Deborah Mends has lived and loved art in France for the past 30 years, the frontiers extending now to include  the Arab Emirates as well.

Her art training began with French State certification in the painting of faux marble, faux wood and trompe l'oeil.

A painted Yellow Sienna marble "sample" from the portfolio.

She worked for a time in London and Paris for private clients and interior designers, an example of which work is shown in the trompe l'oeil ceiling below. The balustrade and open sky is painted on a huge piece of canvas in the studio, before being taken down and moved for gluing (marouflage) on the client's dining room ceiling.

Painted sky trompe l'oeil in studio.

A turning point was a commission for a trompe l'oeil design for church, the creativity of which led her to undertake studies to improve her drawing skills to explore creative artistic work further. 

Detail from original church trompe l'oeil design illustrating ancient biblical text.

Sketches from the years of training at the Ateliers de Beaux-Arts de Paris

That started Deborah on the long how-to-draw journey, with training as intensive as earning a living and raising a family permitted. 

Years of work followed with coursework at the Parisian applied arts schools Boulle and Dupérré.

This was completed with work as a copiste in drawing at the Louvre.

Then came three years studying perspective, life drawing, anatomy, composition, drawing and painting at the Ateliers de Beaux-Arts de Paris, each year depending on juried authorization to continue the next year.

"Japanese Still Life", Deborah Mends

"Landscape", Deborah Mends

This was also a period of significant art studio (atelier) time with several different master artists, to study early techniques of painting and drawing.

This included learning to grind pigments to make oil, tempera and wax paints, to cut goosefeathers to make drawing pens, and learning how to make drawing charcoal and walnut ink, for example.

Last, Deborah completed teacher training in New York with Brian Bomeisler and the participation of Betty Edwards, author of the world-renowned Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Deborah Mends Art

Art Instruction

"The French learning system is not made for the faint of heart," says Deborah.  "I learned about humility and compassion the hard way. As a teacher, it means today I know the primordial importance of patience and caring in bringing out the qualities that lie in us all.

It's a scientific fact that everyone is creative, and I believe that the easiest and fastest route to opening it up is through drawing - because it's a skill that anyone can learn, just like anyone can learn to read.

I also believe, passionately, that we all need to learn to see like artists do - it empowers us to see beauty around us where we may never have been able to see it before.  I believe that this special sight can certainly change us; it can also change the world, or at least a little piece of it, for the better."

Deborah offers live intensive instruction (course descriptions and dates and purchase availability on this website) to learn how to see and draw like a trained artist in her Parisian art studio on rue Daguerre, near Denfert-Rochereau, in Paris; she also teaches in Abu Dhabi and Brittany. Combining 15 years of classical art techniques learned directly from masters in France with modern understanding of how the mind learns, her method gets students drawing realistically - and within a week of instruction - even if they are persuaded that they are not creative at all.

Art Translation

Deborah Mends Art has offered art translation and interpreting services to major museums and cultural institutions in France and abroad for three decades, with an additional specialization in legal translation.

For straightforward and easy-to-understand information on famous artists and their work, please visit the Famous Artists Fan Club website or the Atelier Mends art blog.

Paul Serusier,"The Talisman"

Books and Art Materials

The "How to Draw Journey" ebook series is available for sale on Amazon or for sale on this website to aid beginners to drawing.

Artist tools such as drawing grids are in development, also to be offered for sale on How to Draw

Public speaking is another important activity; Deborah is passionate about her subject, so if your group or if you know of a group that would be interested in her services, please get in touch.

Deborah Mends Art Staff

Hélène is a talented young graphic artist who lives, works and studies in Nantes, France. She has designed and sold graphic art professionally for websites and book covers as well as winning competitions for her own art.

Hélène works on our HTML and graphic art.

Philippe is the creator of a witty series of comic books and political cartoons, drawing away until far into the night in his studio in Vannes, France - when he is not studying law.

Philippe helps with everything from filming me for videos to translating the website into French.

Special thanks also go to Erik, IT specialist and Mike,  webmaster, the NYU Abu Dhabi internship program and many others too numerous to mention.

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