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Why This Website is Here

I created this website years ago when I taught classical drawing skills.  My interest in visual thinking processes eventually led me to become a hypnotherapist: using the visual mind to heal.  I now practice in Brittany, France (for the curious:  www.yourvisualmind.com).

Yet many of my How to Draw Journey subscribers were in developing countries or lived on retirement incomes.  Over the years I received many grateful emails from those without the financial means, physical capacity or geographical location to take beginner drawing lessons.

I have decided to leave the content, lessons and e-books free and available for anyone who desires a simple introduction to drawing - about 8000 visitors a month and about 5000 subscribers. I also remain available to provide guidance or feedback to anyone subscribing to the lessons - just bear in mind that I also am a hypnotherapist now, so it may take me a day or two to get back to you.  But I will get back to you. 

However, the cost of 120-page website and a system to deliver lessons comes to over 700 euros annually, which is a lot for a country hypnotherapist. :-) 

Therefore...If you feel you have gained from what is here and would like to help others around the world to have this introduction to basic drawing skills, your contribution in any amount to you think right would be gratefully welcomed.  For any donation over 50 euros I will send a drawing grid with my gratitude; I no longer offer them for sale.  

Part of the pleasure of the drawing classes is the locations: first spot,  my quiet little atelier (“art studio”) near Denfert Rochereau, in the busy pedestrian street of rue Daguerre in Paris.  This is part of the old Montparnasse district, where the ghosts of Picasso, Braque and Modigliani are wandering around.

Artist Sight

I make a big promise: you will be drawing realistically, and at a level of skill that will astonish you, "talent" or no talent...

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Artistic Confidence

In fewer than eight hours you will be convinced of your innate artistic ability with your realistic drawing of your hand...

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Sketching at the Louvre

In Paris for a day, a weekend or a week? Don't just visit the Louvre - live it with a sketching session tailored to your level...

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Animal Doodling

Delight your child - or grandchild! - by learning a whole bestiary of animals easy to draw with just a few basic shapes....

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I also teach in Brittany, in the historic old port town of Vannes, a charming location with its medieval city walls and gates and many timber-framed houses.  Prefecture for the Morbihan region, Vannes offers many pleasures, from a stroll around the rampart gardens to lunch on the port with fresh seafood and a crisp glass of white wine.

Last, I offer courses in the bustling new city of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Classes are held at twofour54, at the Park Rotana Office Complex; classes will also be organized this year in the new Louvre Museum opening in coming months.

Live sessions consist of two parts:  my direct instruction, and then you putting that instruction into practice.  When the drawing session is over, we all take a look at our work together to understand what the learnings are.  In Paris, we’ll work predominantly in the atelier, but will meet at the Louvre for one of the drawing sessions.

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