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How to draw flowers

Yes! You can learn how to draw flowers! Perhaps you have already been trying your hand at it, but can't quite figure out why the blooms on your page...

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Perspective 101

What is drawing in depth really? Who came up with the idea? What are the six ways we see in depth? What are their characteristics?...

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Drawing Videos

There is a lot that can be explained with words and sketches, but there is nothing much clearer than seeing someone doing it right in front of you...

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When I was first learning how to draw, it was tough.  French instructors are not known for their gentle approach in getting their students to make progress.  In addition to the objective difficulty of learning something new as I struggled to be able to draw, there was the story of my own internal demons.  A teacher today, I see those very same demons in many of my students:  perfectionism.  Fear of failure.  The fear of just looking stupid.  That strange state of desiring something so much that you get in your own way and make it close to impossible to advance toward that very goal you want so much.

I've been there, done that, suffered and survived.  I know how hard it can be to learn to draw - to learn to do ANYthing new - especially when you're not a little kid any more.  You have your dignity on the line!

I also know very well how little time anyone has these days - who has time to learn how to draw when there doesn't seem to be time to feed the cat?

It may be that you don't feel any of these things, but I just want to make it clear that if you do, I understand!  This learning material has been designed to take these feelings and that lack of time into account, should they prove important factors for you.

For example, my free weekly drawing lessons are drawing tutorials specifically designed to take no more than about five or ten minutes a week.  The feedback I have been getting from students is great.  One wrote to me recently to tell me she crams in my exercises at her desk when her office mates go for their coffee break.  This means that she - and you - make a little bit of progress on a regular basis toward the goal of learning to draw well:  little tips and techniques that artists use to capture what they see with their pencils and paper.

There is nothing that beats having somebody show you how it's done, which is why the drawing videos are there to help you.  From the mindset that will get you drawing to how to use a kneaded eraser, this continually expanding series of videos will help you understand the little tricks that get you drawing.

For specific interests, you will find entire sections on special subjects, such as how to draw flowers, with its additional pages on how flowers are put together, the basic types of flower blossoms, and how to have an understanding of flower geometry to get that shape right.

The section of Perspective 101 will give you the guiding principles behind giving your drawings a look of depth, along with tips on how to use overlapping and relative size.

Last, if you have any questions, even if the site is virtual, your teacher is not, and I stand ready to answer any questions you may have for a bit of direct drawing tutorials - just contact me!

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