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Don Quixote and the Wind Turbines.

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Famous Spanish artists, although deserving of real attention, are surprisingly unfamiliar to many people.  As I prepared to write this article, I was quite taken aback to discover how difficult it was to find recent serious reference works available - either on the internet or even in major bookstores, either in English or in French. Unlike French or Italian artists, who have whole sections of at least the FNAC Montparnasse in Paris devoted to them, the Spanish artists are relegated to scattered references in generalist art histories.  When I appealed to the art book vendor, she confirmed this was indeed the case, and then told me she knew of only one rather densely academic work that wasn't kept in stock, but that she could order for me...

How is that possible with names on the order of José de Ribera, Diego Velázquez, Alonso Cano, Francisco de Zurbarán, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo or Francisco Goya, or closer to us, painters like Salvador Dali, Juan Miró or the giant many consider the greatest artist of modern times: Pablo Picasso?

"A White Horse", Diego Velázquez, between 1634 and 1635

Doing the research on Spain has been impassioning.  It has a rich history, eloquent language and remarkable culture; these things all developed as they did largely owing to the Iberian peninsula forming something of a bridge between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. But I also came to understand that while Spain has unity in its having one language to talk in, there are multiple voices to express what Spain is

Its art, for example, is powerful and memorable, dominated in its history often by the red and yellow ochres that strangely enough seem to be echoed in its national flag.  Its civilization is ancient and distinctive; indeed there are famous prehistoric paintings on the Iberian peninsula that go back to the Upper Paleolithic - life-sized figures of prodigously realistic wild boars, horses and other animals grazing and leaping that were painted on cave walls somewhere between 20,000 and 8,000 BC.

"The Milkmaid of Bordeaux", Francisco Goya, between 1825 and 1827

But things get more complex than that - because behind the "Spanish-ness" inherent in the art or civilization I was just talking about, there is also a very great deal of variety, owing to the evolving ideas, changing fashions, intellectual influences and - multiple invasions. Roman, Carthiginian, Visigothic, Moorish and Christian influences have all played their part in shaping this culture that has had such an impact on world history.  And impact it did have, with Spain rising to become Europe's biggest power and holding the world's greatest overseas empire for three centuries.

But we are here to talk about famous Spanish artists.  And we will, starting with those cave painters and working our way up to Vázquez Díaz, Juan Gris or even the Equipo Crónica, a major collective of Spanish pop art.  To get started, click on the links in the column to the right to start your stroll through the history of Spanish art.

And hasta la vista!

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