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More About Your Free Bonus

"Buying Your First Art Supplies and Setting Up" is available for sale on Amazon and this website!

Free for you, though, it will give you what you need to go confidently to an art supply store and buy just what you need to get started on the free weekly mini-lessons.

More About Your Free
Drawing Lessons

First of all, I've carefully prepared each lesson to take up no more than five or ten minutes out of your week to gradually build up your drawing skills, no matter how busy you are.  I've spent many years working on developing my artistic skills around holding down a full-time job and raising the kids, and quite often with a freelance business to boot, so I know a little something about how hard it can be to squeeze out time to learn how to draw.

Each bite-sized lesson covers the next step in an easy course for beginners to gradually acquire drawing skills.  This is not just little tips and techniques, but a true course of drawing instruction that, if you do the work every week, will gradually bring you to learn how to see like an artist, set aside that negative voice in your head, and develop a line and a style of your very own.

Every week you will receive your lesson right in your inbox; I will lay out the central theme I'm working on with you for that week, and then I will give you a short practical exercise to try it out.

I'm Here to Help

Yes, the above is not exactly a good resemblance, but you get the idea?  I am here and ready to answer your questions, give you my feedback, and yes, take a look at your drawings!  I just love hearing from students, so don't hesitate - all you have to do is go to my contact page and drop me a line!

Your newsletter and website can't help but show what a labor of love this is for you. As a student I can really feel that. In the lessons and with the care that you've taken in the writing in an effort to connect with the students.

Jay L., Florida, Deborah Mends Art student

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