A House Portrait :
Because It's Not Just a House

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A house portrait is a wonderful remembrance and makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift - because a house is not just a house. 

It is a place to grow up in, live a family life in, hold our children's weddings in, welcome our grandchildren in.  It is unique to us because it holds our history and the history of those close to us.

For these reasons, a house portrait is an unusual and thoughtful gift to give to others - or to yourself.

All you have to do is send me a photo; you can also send me a link to a website or even a Google Street View.

I work in pen and ink on 200g artist-quality acid-free paper; I aim for a clean yet loose-and-sketchy look, and no, there are no computer graphics - only drawing by hand.  A trained artist with now about 15 years of professional experience, I will do my best to bring out the soul in the subject, working out of my studio here in France.  It also means I can "tidy things up" if you have always hated that traffic light in front of your house.

This is a gift for all the great moments life brings: 

- weddings:  a drawing of the wedding venue is a great wedding present - or a great way to make your invitations unique

- housewarmings: what better way to celebrate a new home!

- business start-ups:  a drawing of the business owner's new premises is a thoughtful gift that will be so appreciated

- retirements: a view of the premises the new retiree is leaving will be a wonderful remembrance

- anniversaries:  grandparents - and even their grown-up children - will be so pleased to have a drawing of the family home

- guest gifts:  ever wondered what to bring as a really nice gift for the host putting you up? Here's your answer!

House Portrait Details

For the base price of 60€ I do an unframed drawing mounted in beveled white matting, on 200g acid-free artist-quality paper in a format of about 18cm x 25cm (about 7" x 10"); larger sizes and framing are also available, of course. 

Placing Your
House Portrait Order

Very simple.  Please send me an email along with a digital photo, or if you have a nice photo on a website you would like me to work from, then send me the link to that. 

Don't have a photo?  I can also work with Google Street View.  Here's what you do:  go to Google Maps, and type in the address you'd like me to draw.  Click on "Street View" and locate the building - for my own home I have to click twice on the building so that the Street View moves a few houses down for a good sight on mine.  When you have it positioned for a good clear view, copy the link and send it to me in your email.

Pricing, Postage and
Handling Costs


Small, unframed, mounted drawing 18cm x 25cm (about 7" x 10")

60.00 €


Regular delivery in France

3.85 €

48-hour delivery in France

8.69 €

International Delivery


9.26 €

USA, Canada

15.21 €

Far East, Australasia

15.21 €

Rest of the world

15.21 €

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