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These are not just little tips and techniques, but a full course of learning how to see, think, and draw like an artist.

As you explore the learn-to-draw resources in this section, you will find material that I find has been lacking when people undertake drawing for the first time.  I think we need to take a more holistic approach.

Drawing Books

Here's a list of the top five drawing book recommendations you need to get you started or keep you going...

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How to be creative

It's a question that has haunted mankind since the first Neanderthal with low self-esteem looked at a cave wall, thinking about drawing...

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The History of Drawing

He was a small, stringy little man who was showing me how to take a goosefeather and cut it to turn it into a pen for ink drawing...

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Art Movements

By understanding the context of the great masters, not only can you can knock 'em dead with your culture at the next cocktail party you attend. ...

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Get the Gossip ! Famous Artist Anecdotes

What did Yoko Ono say to John Lennon when they met? Or M.C. Escher say to Mick Jagger about the Stones album design?...

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Famous Artist List: Chronological and Downloadable

I don't promise that this list is perfect, but this is my personal detailing of the top 101 most important artists…

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podcasts: famous artist bios by carl bernzweig

Downloadable podcasts here of famous artist bios written and recorded by the witty New York voice artist Carl Bernzweig.

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downloadable! Get the famous artist quotes

A growing collection of the best artist quotes on life, art and creativity, copyright-free and ready for download!

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First among these things is a history of drawing.  I am continually amazed that while anyone learning to paint would sooner or later get round to learning art history, when people start to learn to draw, nobody thinks of looking into what has been done before and how we got to where we are now.  There are media and materials, ideas and tools that were important in the past and have been largely forgotten today.  It's a pity!  Especially since many of them work!

I also am convinced that no one can seriously undertake the study of an art form like drawing without also getting a general understand of the Western arts most important art movements.

However, on our how-to-draw journey, we also will have moments of doubt.  I know myself that I have asked myself more than once if I was creative at all on the road here.  Several authors have sustained me on the trip, and I have put excerpts and interviews in this section with some of the most important of them:  Martin Seligman, John Cleese, Julia Cameron, Plato, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced cheek-sent-me-hi), Brian Bomeisler and Betty Edwards.

Which brings me to learn-to-draw book recommendations.  I recently moved from a house of 120 square meters to a beautiful flat overlooking the water...a flat measuring 65 square meters.  A lot of things had to go out in the move!  My son Philippe came to help me settle in my new study, and after a few hours of opening boxes of books and cramming them into bookcases, he suddenly looked at me a little nervously and said, "Where am I supposed to put all these?"

The moral of the story is I have a lot of books on drawing and on art, and am well placed to give you recommendations.  You will see in providing links to where you can find them on Amazon, I have put links for the ebook versions as well.

Then why not have a little fun while we are getting more context?  The Famous Artist List, the podcasts on famous artist bios, famous artist quotes and anecdotes will all contribute to getting you going.

I think we are feeling more holistic already ;-)

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