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"I got the course for my son, who was just amazed at how much information was packed in the course.  You won't believe this, but he was so turned on by what he learned, he is starting to think about going to art school!" 

Rick, Parent of a How to Draw Journey student

"I love the way you explained about the eye and demonstrating with a ball and making a split in the sock - even that one tip helped so much."

Joan, How to Draw Journey student

What do you get?

* 10 video lessons
* 1 downloadable workbook
* 1 quiz online
* 1 promise:  not only will you learn to draw an eye; your drawing skills will improve overall!

How does it work?

STEP 1. You watch the 10 Video Lessons on how to draw eyes, right on this website. Explanations and demos provided.

STEP 2. After each lesson you train your own hand with the practical exercises for that lesson - from a workbook that you download to your computer in pdf format.

STEP 3. Last, after you complete all ten video lessons and you finish the workbook, you lock in your learning with access to the online quiz on this website; you get your results and the correct answers as soon as you answer all 20 questions.

QUESTIONS? WANT TO SHARE YOUR DRAWINGS? Remember that I'm here if you want to ask me any questions; I'd also love to see your drawings!

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