Before-and-After Pencil Drawings:  Nathalie

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In the pencil drawings by Nathalie, it can be seen that she has already had some drawing instruction.  She came out of frustration at not being able to make significant progress despite that training. This was all in connection with the coursework she was doing to fulfill her dream of a major career change, to start designing and making her own jewelry collections. 

Drawing skills would be essential for her future profession, so she was very invested in being able to learn now to draw realistically.


The pre-instruction pencil drawings by Nathalie indeed show that she has already had some art training.  She understand foreshortening and has a sense of negative space.  However, she didn't know how to develop a real sense of depth to her drawing, and her line showed she lacked confidence.


Yet the very following morning she drew her hand like this.  The sense of depth is impressive, with a good understanding of the effects of light and shadow; the negative space is more present and adds strength to her drawing, and the lines are bold and confident.


As for the others, in these pencil drawing by Nathalie she was assigned to draw drew a portrait.  She drew this one of a friend from memory, before beginning my instruction on Friday night.


She drew this portrait of another student four days later. There are almost no more symbols in her drawing, which is a crisp resemblance of the model.


And finally, while Nathalie drew this self-portrait before I began teaching her...


...after five days of working with me she drew this self-portrait.

Nathalie had this to say about my class:

"Well, I just finished Deborah's class, and I really enjoyed it.  I've always wanted to take a drawing class and thought: this is the class for me.  I learned about contouring, I learned about rendering and also about perspective.  It's something that you can't learn just from a book, because I've tried learning by reading a book.  It's so important to have a teacher who really encourages and is also there when you need the help at the right moment to give you that help, and Deborah's right there.

So as far as personality she's FUN, I had a ball, and everybody else did too in the class and I recommend - I HIGHLY recommend - this to anyone interested in art and drawing."

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