The Step by Step Drawing Advanced Course:
"Step by Step Artist Skills"

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These are not just little tips and techniques, but a full course of learning how to see, think, and draw like an artist.

After having taken my Step by Step Drawing Intensive, students often ask me for additional instruction.  That’s what the two-day Advanced course is about.

Step by Step Drawing
Advanced Course:  Day 1

On the first day we begin by doing “cast drawing”.  This is a traditional means for learning in what has become known in recent years as the classical atelier method. 

Hearkening back to the rigor of this 19th century way of working, we will use sight-seeing to block out and render a pencil drawing of the basic forms found in the world around us:  the sphere, the cylinder, the cube and the cone. 

This will teach you more about the five-value scale you learned about in the step by step drawing intensive, "Step by Step Artist Sight".  Students also gain additional sensitivity to seeing how light and shadow falls on these basic forms.

The morning ends with a discussion of the learnings thus far before breaking for lunch at one of the many small restaurants in the quaint, busy rue Daguerre.  This is generally a great moment to not only relax after a few hours of drawing, but also an opportunity to make friends with the others in the class and talk further about what you are experiencing and discovering. 

Don't be surprised if we go to the Café Daguerre, which has been my canteen for almost twenty years.  Just to tell you how long and how well the people there and I know each other, one of the cooks there helped jimmy a door open when my little daughter accidentally locked herself into the ladies' room on her own.  He still laughs about it with her, now she is an adult studying to be a graphic artist herself!

After lunch, we assimilate what we have learned about light, shadow and basic forms by drawing a still life of fruits and flowers.

Step by Step Drawing
Advanced Course:  Day 2

On the second day, we will do another cast drawing at the Louvre, this time of a torso.  This will require us to call on the same skills but applied to the human form. We will break for lunch at the Louvre cafeteria to share our work and talk about the learnings.  In the afternoon we move to another location in the museum to do a second drawing.

The purpose of the course is to deepen understanding of light, shadow and form and to gain experience in applying the skills learned in the Intensive; it also serves to increase artistic confidence.

Costs, Calendar, Purchase and Registration


Course price in France for two full days:  €360

Course materials:  come with your Step by Step Artist Sight portfolio

Lunch is not included

Current scheduled classes:

Abu Dhabi, UAE:  5 and 12 December 2014, 8:00-4:00.

Abu Dhabi, UAE:  6 and 13 December 2014, 8:00-4:00.

Purchase and registration:

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